Company Activities

Research and development is the life blood of the business and we focus on developing new innovative products that do not exist on the market.

We push the macro-nutrient profile to the extreme by researching each individual ingredient in terms of nutritional benefits, stability for shelf life and processing and interactions within the food product itself. Working towards what we hope are “healthy junk foods”.

We consider ourselves a functional food development company and use all kinds of ingredients with nutritional benefits for example:

  • Protein: animal and plant based
  • Dietary Fibres: soluble and insoluble
  • Slow Release Carbohydrates: Oats, Pulses, Ancient Grains, Seeds
  • Nutritional Fats and Oils: Omega 3, Medium Chain Tryglicerides
  • Vitamin and Minerals: MRP Products
  • Anti-Oxidants: Natural plant extracts or naturally present

What makes the company unique is that as well as our innovative and market leading product development capabilities, we have our own manufacturing facilities that allow us to take our products from concept to launch. We are constantly looking at new ingredients and ways to incorporate these into our products.