Innovation is what we do best, which is why all our customers have bespoke products which are tailored to their specific requirements.


Private Label Manufacturing

R&D – Sampling

It all starts at Stage 1 whereby you fill in a product request forms which stipulates the details of your desired product. This would include information such as product type, serving size, flavour, nutritional requirements and desirable (or undesirable) ingredients. Following this, our R&D team will develop and sample your product and you will provide feedback on your likes and dislikes. This process will be repeated until you are satisfied with your perfect product.

When you’re happy with the taste, look and feel of the product, we can then discuss first orders.

The next stage is for us to supply you with a final nutritional and ingredient specification which allows you to generate legally compliant packaging.


Once your product has been signed off and you’re happy that you’ve got the perfect product; we can start to discuss packaging. We can source all forms of packaging needed to ensure the product will stand out on the shelf. The packaging is the first thing the customer will see and is your chance to really sell the bar. During this time, we will discuss the specifications of the packaging (foil and shelf-ready packaging), size, design and legislation of the packaging. The design process is solely down to you, however we’re more than happy to assist to the best of our knowledge with any queries e.g. foil orientation, nutrition claims and anything else that may arise. We like to make sure everything is correct and will make a final check before all designs go to print.

Manufacturing and packing

Once all ingredients and materials are on site, we can begin making the final product. This is when all the elements from the project thus far come together and before we commit to full scale production, we will run batch trials to learn how to make the product as good as it possibly can be. This will be the difference between supplying you with a good or a great product. At this point the majority of the hard work has been done and it’s a now a matter of ANR as a manufacturer to learn how to make your product efficiently and to the highest standard.

Our manufacturing process involves mixing, depositing, baking and cooling before the product is ready to be fed onto our state-of-the-art packing line. At this point, the products will be wrapped in primary packaging designed by yourselves and then packed into your shelf ready packaging. Finally, the SRPs will be packed into transit shippers and palletised, ready to be shipped to their final destination. This would generally be within 24-48 hours.


We can deliver your products to any location in mainland Europe.

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