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At ANR, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop bespoke products that suit our clients’ requirements. We have the ability to formulate great tasting products whilst providing nutritional benefits by using the best ingredients available to us. We can also develop nutritious products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians without compromising taste, texture and quality.

The Brownies are baked to ensure they give an indulgent texture, like a “normal” brownie. The flavour choice is made to your request, and we’re happy to help with ideas for flavour combinations.
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Baked Flapjacks made with oats. Fruit or chocolate flavour based with the additions of any particulate that you may want to add, such as; fruit pieces or chocolate chips. The flapjacks can also be made with a bed of chocolate coating to give a unique look.
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The cookies we currently manufacture have a soft baked (American style) texture, however this is something we can adapt for your needs. Several flavours and additions can be added to your cookie to make it truly individual e.g. Marshmallow pieces, Chocolate Chips (dark, milk and white), Fruit Pieces, Toffee chunks and anything else that you want to add to make the product stand out.
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Bars are a convenient way to meet the nutritional needs, whether you’re looking for high protein bar for recovery and muscle building or a meal replacement bar for weight management. The bars can be made in a wide variety of flavours and textures to suit your needs.
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